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Equityworld Futures - Break Fasting with Orphans 2019 - EWF SSC

PT. Equityworld Futures is one of the members of the Jakarta Futures Exchange, which was officially established in 2005. The company has grown rapidly along with the increasing interest of people to invest in financial products.

Praise our prayers to Allah SWT. who have given abundance of Grace, Rizky's blessings to our beloved company.

Hopefully whatever we hope to achieve quickly, all the big family of PT Equityworld Futures SSC get a better life, more useful than ever before, Amin.

Breaking the fast together in the month of Ramadan has become an Indonesian culture, all groups from all walks of life, ranging from the upper class, middle class, and lower class, do "bukber" in hotels, restaurants to every mosque. Very interestingly, breaking the fast together is often abbreviated as "bukber", not only attended by Muslims who fast, but also those who do not fast and are not Muslim. The culture of breaking fast together is very good at the same time. At least through the medium of breaking the fast together in Ramadan has ten lessons or benefits.

Carry out silaturrahim orders according to those listed in the Qur'an An-Nisa, verse 1,

which means: "O people, fear your Lord who created you from one self, and from this Allah created his wife; and than both of them God multiplied many men and women. And fear Allah who, by (using) His name, you ask one another, and (maintain) the relationship of friendship. Surely Allah always takes care and watches over you "

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