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Equityworld Futures - GU1010_BBJ & GU10F_BBJ

PT. Equityworld Futures is one of the members of the Jakarta Futures Exchange, which was officially established in 2005. The company has grown rapidly along with the increasing interest of people to invest in financial products.

GU10F_BBJ  &  GU1010_BBJ
Great Britain Pound Sterling
Trade Code GU10F_BBJ GU1010_BBJ
Rate Floating ( USD ) ( USD 1 = IDR 10.000 )
Contract Size GBP 100,000 GBP 100,000
Trading Days Senin - Jumat Senin - Jumat
Trading Hours    
- Summer (Daylight Saving Time) 07:00-03:00 WIB 07:00-03:00 WIB
- Winter 07:00-04:00 WIB 07:00-04:00 WIB
Initial Margin for Daytrade USD 1,000 / Lot IDR 10.000.000 / Lot
Initial Margin for Overnight USD 2,000 / Lot IDR 20.000.000 / Lot
Facility Fee USD15/Lot/Side IDR 150.000/Lot/Side
Rollover Fee For Buy/Sell USD5/Lot/Night IDR 50.000/Lot/Night
Value Added Tax (VAT)* 11% of Commission Fee 11% of Commission Fee
Maintenance Margin 70% of Initial Margin 70% of Initial Margin
Auto Liquidation 30% of Initial Margin 30% of Initial Margin
Price Source Telequote Telequote
Price Guidance Last Trade Last Trade
Minimum Price Spread Quote 4 pips/side 4 pips/side
Hectic Price Spread Quote Based on Market Based on Market
Minimum Price Movement 0.0001 pip (Tick value : USD 10) 0.0001 pip (Tick value : USD 10)
Range for limit and stop order 20-2000 Points/pips 20-2000 Points/pips
Hectic Range Price For Limit & Stop Order Base On Market Base On Market
Delivery By Cash Settlement Cash Settlement

* Changes in VAT fees to 11% (Effective as of April 01st, 2022)