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Equityworld Futures - Opening Procedure Online

PT. Equityworld Futures is one of the members of the Jakarta Futures Exchange, which was officially established in 2005. The company has grown rapidly along with the increasing interest of people to invest in financial products.


Prospective customers are expected to meet the IB PT. Futures Equityworld to explain the benefits and risks arising from the activities of futures trading, following the procedure opened futures trading accounts.

Carefully read and understand the contents of books Agreement PT. Equityworld Futures, the content Testament book consists of:

  1. Account Opening Application

  2. Simulating Transactions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  3. Document Notification of Risk

  4. Agreement Mandate

  5. Terminology In Futures Trading

  6. Fill in the Account Opening Application Book Agreement, signed, put writing and give initial date of each part required in each page and Completed Testament Book Documents / Other Administration

  7. Transfer of funds to a separate account (Segregated Account) PT. Equityworld Futures:

                         Bank BCA Branch Sudirman, Jakarta
                         No. Account S: 035-310-982-8
                         No. Account USD: 035-313-815-1

                         Bank CIMB Niaga Branch Gajahmada, Jakarta
                         No. Account IDR: 809-50-50509-00
                         No. Account USD: 809-63-63631-40

                         Bank BNI Gambir, Jakarta
                         No. Account IDR: 017-500-1902
                         No. Account USD: 017-501-9636

                         Bank Mandiri Branch Imam Bonjol, Jakarta
                         No. Account IDR: 122-000-665-3045
                         No. Account USD: 122-000-665-3060

                         Bank Artha Graha Branch KPO Sudirman, Jakarta
                         No. Account IDR: 107-996-4391

    (Separate Account / Segregated Account is needed to ensure that customer funds can not be used for any other purpose except the interest of the transaction)

  8. Send a bank transfer slip by fax / email to the PT. Equityworld Futures.

  9. Customers receive confirmation that the funding / margin has been entered in the Separate Account PT. Equityworld Futures.

  10. Customers get the account number of the PT. Equityworld Futures are already registered.

  11. Customers get Receipt (Official Receipt) from PT. Equityworld Futures.

  12. If all the above procedures have been met, then the customer will be confirmed to be able to conduct transactions after receiving User ID and Password online trading that is sent via SMS and email client as stated in the account opening application.