Equityworld Futures - Company Profile

PT. Equityworld Futures merupakan salah satu anggota Bursa Berjangka Jakarta (Jakarta Futures Exchange) yang resmi berdiri pada tahun 2005. Perusahaan telah berkembang pesat seiring meningkatnya minat masyarakat untuk berinvestasi di produk-produk finansial.

PT. Equityworld Futures is one member of the Jakarta Futures Exchange (Jakarta Futures Exchange), which was officially established in 2005. The company has grown rapidly as the increased interest of the public to invest in financial products.

Now PT. Equityworld Futures introducing online transaction system (E-Trade) which can be accessed directly by any client, both locally and internationally. With today's information technology, the client can perform transactions and simultaneously overseeing investment easily. The company will provide the best service as a commitment to develop the futures industry, especially in Indonesia.