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Equityworld Futures - PT. EQUITYWORLD FUTURES Welcoming the 3rd Anniversary standing in the city of Semarang

PT. Equityworld Futures is one of the members of the Jakarta Futures Exchange, which was officially established in 2005. The company has grown rapidly along with the increasing interest of people to invest in financial products.

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PT. EQUITYWORLD FUTURES – With a relatively young age for a brokerage company that has a big mission to become the "World's Best Brokerage Company", the challenges and obstacles that will be faced in the future will certainly not be lighter but will only become more severe. But with one determination and one goal, the company believes that whatever challenges and obstacles there are, it will be able to be faced through the participation of all employees Equity world by working to give the best for the company.

Brach Manager, Mr. Ismet Faradis, gave a welcoming speech reviewing his belief that Equity world will be more successful and brilliant in this third age. Of course, the belief of the CEO is reasonable, given that over the past year, Equity world has been actively organizing various comprehensive improvements in the organization both operationally and in Human Resources (HR).

EQUITY WORLD as for prayers to advance our company PT Equityworld Futures

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Alhamdulillahirobil alamin, yaa robbana lakalhamdu walakalmulqu walakalsyukru kamaa yanbaghi lijalaaliwajhika wa adziimi sulthoonik. Allahumma sholli wasalim alaa abdika warosuulika muhammadin. Wa alaa aalihi wa ashaabihilmujaahidiinathoohiriina ajma’iin.

Allahumma Yaa Allah Yaa Our Lord ...
All praise and praise are only yours. .

Our worship and prostration . .

we dedicate just for your sole…

Allahumma Yaa Allah…

With Your greatness and majesty..

This morning.. You have reissued the Sun with its perfect radiance, so that we can be grateful for all your gifts and favors that never stop breaking. With which we can count days. Which then turns into a number of years. our age also increases.
Yaa Allah . . right now on December 14, 2013, You have delivered us safely to the age of our company to 7 years. Which is why, for this day, we, the entire family of PT Equityworld Futures, gathered in this place in order to offer our prayers and offer our deepest praise and gratitude for your abundant grace, love and grace.

Yaa Robbanaa Oh, my God . . .
At the end of this year we take part, utilizing your Karuniyah Fitriyah to provide and meet the autopart needs of our people, nation and country. we have passed various challenges, trials and tests with Your knowledge and guidance. Therefore O Allah… raise our ranks at Your side. Protect and save all employees of our employees, our leaders, our directors, Mr. Heri and his family, and also save PT Equityworld Futures from all forms of danger and slander, both visible and invisible. Because only You are the best agent of salvation.

Allahumma Yaa Lathifu Ya Khobiir…
Make this momentum, as a momentum to build a spirit of togetherness among us, so that with a spirit of togetherness, we have the ability to continue to strive to improve company performance. Increase sales of Mitsuboshi products.

Yaa Allah… Hopefully with the spirit of togetherness, we will be more prepared to face the increasingly difficult tasks, challenges and competition in the future...
Allahumma Yaa Aziizu Yaa Ghoffar …
Duhai Dzat the Most High and the Most Merciful ... Forgive all our sins and mistakes. Sin of our Father and Mother. Robbana atinaa fidunya hasanah wafil akhiroti hasanah, waqinaa adzabannar.