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Equityworld Futures - Izin WPB di Cabut Tahun 2017

PT. Equityworld Futures is one of the members of the Jakarta Futures Exchange, which was officially established in 2005. The company has grown rapidly along with the increasing interest of people to invest in financial products.



No Nama
Nomor Izin WPB
No. SK Pencabutan
1 Yan Wisnu Adinda 175/UPP/SI/05/2014 04/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/01/2017
2 Hervina Pujiastuti 332/BAPPEBTI/SI/07/2010 05/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/01/2017
3 Jumanto 092/UPTP/SI/06/2016 19/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/02/2017
4 Ardian Pria Prasetia 158/UPTP/SI/08/2015 20/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/02/2017
5 Kriston Anderias Killa 173/UPTP/SI/12/2016 37/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/03/2017
6 Yeni Fajar Lestari 141/UPTP/SI/07/2015 43/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/03/2017
7 Stella Yolanda BR Sukatendel 136/UPTP/SI/08/2016 44/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/03/2017
8 Abdul Latief 116/UPP/SI/02/2013 71/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/06/2017
9 Diaz Pharikesit 324/UPP/SI/12/2014 72/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/06/2017
10 Ita Dwi Agustiningsih 167/UPTP/SI/10/2016 120/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/07/2017
11 Ermansyah 050/UPTP/SI/04/2017 121/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/07/2017
13 Lia Erina Adistia 168/UPTP/SI/10/2016 122/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/07/2017
14 Deddy Reynold 261/UPTP/SI/11/2015 123/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/07/2017
15 Kasan Susanto 128?UPTP/SI/07/2015 136/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/08/2017
16 Muhamad Nurhadi 170/UPTP/SI/08/2015 137/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/08/2017
17 Priska Trimardiyana 165/UPTP/SI/10/2016 138/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/08/2017
18 Ahmad Yasir Assalam 165/UPTP/SI/08/2015 202/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/08/2017
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