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Equityworld Futures - Izin WPB di Cabut Tahun 2016

PT. Equityworld Futures is one of the members of the Jakarta Futures Exchange, which was officially established in 2005. The company has grown rapidly along with the increasing interest of people to invest in financial products.



No Nama
Nomor Izin WPB
No. SK Pencabutan
1 Ella Rahmayanti 136/BAPPEBTI/SI/02/2011 11/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/01/2016
2 Wawan Hermawan 117/BAPPEPTI/SI/03/2014 12/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/01/2016
3 Desi Siswanti 151/UPTP/SI/07/2015 13/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/01/2016
4 Fineke Bawole Tumuwe 114/UPTP/SI/07/2015 41/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/03/2016
5 Ovide Decroli 650/UPP/SI/12/2012 42/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/03/2016
6 Yuyun Pradipta 112/UPTP/SI/06/2015 52/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/03/2016
7 Kurniasari Hartami 224/BAPPEBTI/SI/04/2009 59/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/04/2016
8 Yunita Sulistijowati 231/UPTP/SI/09/2016 250/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/09/2016
9 Noviin Zuneis AH Purwanti 131/UPTP/SI/07/2015 266/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/10/2016
10 Moh. Azwar Anas 105/UPTP/SI/06/2015 267/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/10/2016
11 Muhammad Rifki Wardana 127/UPTP/SI/02/2012 273/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/10/2016
12 Jonathan Lok 026/UPP/SI/01/2013 335/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/12/2016
13 Aryunani Priyanti 0129/UPTP/SI/08/2016 345/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/12/2016
14 Amil Sanuddin 388/UPP/SI/09/2013 346/BAPPEBTI/KEP-PENCABUTAN/SA/12/2016
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